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Thoughts Along the Great Ocean Road

12 Apostles

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this here blog. Firstly, we went on a two week road trip down to Victoria (4800 km return -- what was I thinking?) And then we got back and to a plague of homesickness. Just not wanting to write. Just not wanting to be here. And I don't think this blog is a place for my groveling. Not sure what to do about that yet. On top of all that, Sophia's ear thing has returned so after 3 visits to the GP we're off to the ENT tomorrow.

Here's a little bit from our trip to Victoria. I'll post some more pics later.

The Great Ocean Road is one of my favorite parts of Australia. It's along the bottom coast of Victoria from Port Fairy to Torquay. It is uninterrupted coastline dotted with sheep and valleys, an occasional koala, and plenty of blue ocean. Ahhh. It was cold in Victoria. So nice for me, because my body clock is telling me it's supposed to be fall even though every day is glorious and cool in Brisbane.

How far do we have to go? 

Can you find the koala?

The coastline is dripping with vegetation.

London Bridge fell down.

A cold, blustery day. I love my wool hat. 

Succulents ready for spring.

In case you missed it...

Monkey Dance on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria from susan simmons on Vimeo.