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What to Do if You're Feeling Blue

Step 3.

Step 1: Read Byron Katie

If you don't know her work, you should check out Byron Katie. Yes, she's New-Agey. But who cares? If the shoe fits...then I say, put it on for Pete's sake. She's got lots of books and plenty of reading guides (and plenty more video clips). If it matters, she was interviewed by Oprah. So if you're looking for inspiration or are getting ready to re-write your New Year's resolutions... again... pick up one of her books, check her website and/or do the work. It's been one of those golden kernels I stumbled upon recently, much like discovering Pema Chodron. More tools for the tool box.

Now that I think of it, Byron Katie might be Step 2.

Okay, Step 1 - Call Teya or get yourself a life coach.
Step 2 - Read Byron Katie (or Pema Chodron).
Step 3 - Go for a walk.
Step 4 - Meet up with a friend.
Step 5 - Browse through Facebook and then visit all your favorite blogs.
Step 6 - Make a painting or two or three...
Step 7 - Write something and maybe even post it on your blog.
Step 8 - Take your daughter to the movie store and rent whatever she wants.
Step 9 - Clean and organize your house.
Step 10 - Ride the ferry up and down the river or to the museum.

Well, that should get you started.