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New address: 32 Grays St., Hamilton, QLD 4007

We found a house. It has issues but the good ones outweigh the bad so we're happy. There is plenty of room for visitors, a fairy garden and a nice kitchen. I can't wait to move in and finally feel settled. Of course the real move-in won't happen until we're back from the holidays but I'm okay with that. Just glad to know I can stop searching for a house and I can start thinking about other things. Hurray! 

 Front gate to courtyard entry. 

 Driveway to parking below and entrance to bottom level. 

 Front courtyard and front door. 

View from the road.

Once we move in I'll post more pics. Lots of space to explore and a great view of the river from the top of the drive. We are near Race Course Rd. which has lots of shops and eateries and Bretts Warf where you can catch a ferry to town or walk over to Portside for movies and more shops and eateries. Plus, we are still close to the airport, New Farm and town. I feel so lucky. See what happens when you finally let go and let the universe take over and think positive...all at the same time.