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Halloween Down Under

Australians are missing the point when it comes to Halloween. I think it's some sort of Hollywood version that got imported and distorted here. They think it's all witches and warlocks. it's too bad because they miss out on the whole alter ego thing and the great creativity that can play a part in Halloween. Nevertheless, when I was here 20+ year ago, there was no such thing as Halloween so in some regards we are lucky.

Sophia, the bad witch and Alex, the pirate at the Bulimba Halloween Festival.

Sophia got to go trick-or-treating on Oxford Street with her friend, Alex. They had fun. As you will see, Angelina Ballerina was soon transformed into the good witch (we had to buy a witches hat when we got there because everyone was a witch or a ghoul...even the babies)! Then, later she became a bad witch (when the face got painted green.) You can't beat free lollies and face painting. So it's all good.