notes from here and there


Everyday is like Sunday

At the cafe at the State Library.
The library has little nooks and crannies like this one. Places to hang out, study, read, whatever. You can sit inside or out. I love it. It's the definition of Public Architecture. 
 The riverwalk on the south side of the river connects all the museums, library and performing arts center. 
It is on both the north and south side of the river and goes for over 20 kilometers (maybe more? 
I'm trying to find out exactly how far it really goes.)

 For us, Monday is like Sunday minus the people. Last Monday, Sophia and I had an awesome day at the Gallery of Modern Art and the Queensland State Library. After an hour of computer time in the children's corner of the Library, Sophia and I ventured back to GoMA for more paper dolls. (I did make a promise that we'd go back!) I swear we made paper dolls for over two hours, maybe three. I have no idea. Sophia made at least seven dolls. Eventually I lost count. After the paper dolls we perused some of the galleries. Sophia enjoyed a giant size sculpture of a woman sitting up in bed with a pensive look on her face. Try explaining to a five year old why someone would make an object like this...even as an artist, I don't really have an answer to explain the curiosity of it. Face it, it's certainly more interesting than the usual paintings you find in a gallery. 

Sophia chasing pigeons at GoMA.
Our day started with a quick drive to New Farm park so we could take the Citycat to Southbank. I love taking the ferries. It's just so relaxing to get on a boat and float on a river, passing houses and buildings, and going under bridges. It was cold and rainy Monday morning so we didn't sit outside on the bow (my favorite place). But that's okay. It's nice inside the boat too. Warm, comfy seats. Sophia was so happy to see rain and I was really glad we drove to New Farm park, because we got back around 4 and we were wiped. A walk home or to the bus stop would have been the end of us. Sometimes it's so nice to hop in the car and just go home. But of course we didn't just go home, we had to segue to the local family fish shop and grab an early dinner of steamed rice and grilled fish. Perfect ending to an otherwise perfect day. And asleep by 7:30...all the better. 

Just for fun: Here's a family crossing the river from New Farm Park on Sunday. I thought this was hilarious. I think we need to get a dingy so we can easily visit our friends across the river without paying for a ferry. That's thinking, mate!