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How to break in a new dress

 Thanks Grammy for the new dress.
Thought you might like to see how the new dress got broken in. Sophia and I went on an outing the Queensland Art Gallery. We mostly stayed in the Children's area, drawing film clips and watching cartoons from the 30's. Somehow this was related to the American Impressionist exhibit from the Met. We did read some nice books in the reading nook about children growing up in New York during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I was hoping to share some new information about New York since we're heading there in December. We had a lovely afternoon first taking the ferry to the city and meeting Carl for lunch at the museum. But after much intellectual stimulation, it was time for a tea break and a proper romp on the hill. The gardens and lawns around the museums are lovely and I think they are well suited for little girls to run up down and, of course, roll. So the dress was well loved and well worn.
 View of the Gallery of Modern Art. 
 Lawn overlooking the river. 
 Another view of GoMA.
 Me and the munchkin.
Parting shot.