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Princess Lea comes for Father's Day

Princess Lea

Sophia styled her hair the other day and I had to take a picture. It was so cute. When we got to Sea World she wanted me to take the buns out but I couldn't without scissors, she had so many rubber bands in she wore her hair like this all day. I love her spunk. I really do. I just wonder how Clayfield will like it. Is hair a part of the uniform I wonder? We'll find out. Information night and conferences are coming up soon.

I really hate to admit going to Sea World to celebrate Australia's Father's Day. You know my feelings about theme parks. Ugh. The lure for me was the polar bears, which unfortunately, I did not photograph. I was too enthralled watching one swim back and forth, doing flips, and blowing bubbles under water while his mate looked completely bored by all the antics. We could watch from above or below the water. I have never seen a live polar bear before, so one point for Sea World. (Or maybe two, because of this huge sea turtle (below). Plus, the penguins were pretty cool. Oh, and the dolphins. I love dolphins no matter what. So maybe that's four points.)

Tortoise at Sea World

Father's Day at Seworld's Sesame Street attraction.