notes from here and there


Have we turned a corner?

Light at the end of the tunnel. 
After the birthday party on Saturday, Sophia came home and immediately went to work on party invitations. She wants to have a party and she wants her American friends and Australian friends to come. I told her we could perhaps have two parties, one for each group. She's not completely satisfied with that answer but it's hard to explain how far we really are from Texas. Airplanes erase distances but not costs. Australia has always been a complicated place because of it's distance to everything. The time change makes it difficult too. Who wants to have a big chat at 6 in the morning? Maybe it's difficult for me because I've never been a morning person. I don't like my thoughts interrupted when I wake up. I think this personality trait has made morning parenting a challenge for me (and perhaps most people). Once they wake up, there is no peace. So when you drop your child off at school, the peace and quiet can be such a mixed blessing. I really love it and I really miss the inquistion too.  

Today when I dropped Sophia at school all the little girls ran up to her, excited to see her. I think she's amazed by this attention and is starting to enjoy it. Sophia has made some friends and starting to feel a little bit at home here. Now if only she had a window in her room.  

Yes, it's true we live in box. It's interesting to go from a house to an apartment, even if that apartment is a loft. Sophia has lost the freedom of living in a house but has found new freedoms like going up and down the elevator by herself and swiping her own bus pass like a big kid. She is looking forward to the day she can ride the bus to school by herself. I remember living in Melbourne in High School and taking the train into the city to go to school. It really was an amazing freedom to travel that far by myself (without a mom but with friends) each day. Sophia is counting the days already.
Sophia telling me my shoes are ugly.