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Sophia at GoMA making a fashionista paper doll. 
On Friday Sophia and I took the bus to the Gallery of Modern Art. It was late so we went directly to the Children's Art Room. Wow, what a treat! Currently there is a fashion exhibition of a local Brisbane duo, Easton Pearson; so the children's area was a fashion parade of paper doll making using designs and patterns from the exhibition. Sophia loved it. As soon as we walked in she got down to business. She only had time to finish one doll so we took some materials home to add to Sophia's design collection later. In the meantime, here's a sample of her first design. 

Sophia designed the handbag herself. 
Fashion parade of paper dolls. 

There is nothing better than finding awesome activities for Sophia in places that I like to visit too. Next on our list, the Queensland State Library.