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With architecture like this who wouldn't want to go the library?

Queensland State Library entryway.
Yesterday I took the Citycat to Southbank...over to the museum area and library. I was fantastically surprised to find such stunning architecture, not just the libary but the museums as well. (I'll post pictures of the museums later. I wasn't in a picture taking mood that day.) What I love best about the architecture is the public spaces: magnificent courtyards with pools, ponds and waterfalls mixed with sculpture and of course, the caf├ęs and coffee shops. Australian's take their tea breaks seriously and why not? So this idea of tea time is built into all their public spaces. I didn't have much time at the library but I noticed two alfresco dining areas at the front, one up, one down. Maybe there were more at the back. At the museums there were several places to stop and have a bite to eat and a coffee. All of them lovely places to take a break.
What every library needs is a good outdoor cafe.
The kiddie corner from the outside.