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James Street & Lucky 88

Sophia waiting for breakfast at James Street Market. **88 seems to be our lucky number lately. And yes it's true, I love Kill Bill which means more 88's.**
One of the first places Carl took me and Sophia was the James Street market in New Farm. He didn't take any chances and made sure I saw the best of Brisbane before I hightailed it back to the States. Well, he succeeded to impress by bringing me to James Street and its fancy nook of trendy shops, markets and eateries. It feels a lot like Whole Foods combined with Highland Village and a little bit of Australian flare. Now and then we come here for a weekend breakfast and to poke around the neighborhood a bit. If Sophia's lucky she might even get a small cup of gellato. I like to hang out here especially if I'm missing the slick part of my life in Houston.
Australians go barefoot everywhere. Even James Street. Oh, that's Sophia.
Yum, yum. Sitting in the window.
Part of the James Street Market.
The photographer and blogger.