notes from here and there


Light, oh beautiful light.

Shooting in Texas, especially West Texas, I can alway count on that cool evening light...kind of warm blues and pinky orange skies. Here I just have minutes before I catch it. I'm playing with the light settings, overexposing some shots so it's not so shadowy and working to figure out the Queensland color pallette.
West Texas sunset.
The greens in Brisbane feel really black and at the coast, the sky is royal and the sand yellow.
Sophia taking the Citycat on the Brisbane River.
A light pink sunset at Broadbeach.
Before we left the Gold Coast I caught a sunset on our way to have "tea" (Australian for "dinner" or any meal for that matter) at the Surf Club. Many of the surf clubs have restaurants, bars and even "pokies" (slot machines) as a way to raise money for the life savers. We like these clubs because the food is good and it's very kid friendly, not to mention a local hang out.
Sophia and Papa.
Broadbeach at dusk. She walks along the sand.
Happy camper.
Walking to the beach.
You can see Surfer's Paradise in the distance. All of the Gold Coast looks like that...tall buildings and skyscrapers.