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Today's Farmers' Market Finds

This morning we went to the Jan Powers Farmers' Market. I love buying directly from the farmer or the artist. Here are some items found in our shopping cart: homemade yogurt with fresh passion fruit mixed-in; cheese from Maleny: Brie & Parmesagn; mixed lettuce, carrots, green beans, pumpkin, apples, lemonade fruit (like an orange and lemon combined), lattes for breakfast, hot choc for Sophia, sausage rolls and sausages from a Scottish baker...Carole, they even had scotch eggs, didn't try though...the best strawberries ever, bananas, gerber daisies, some handmade stationery, barrettes and a cute applique shirt for Sophia, a beach basket for me, tea tree oil, big container of honey. I think that's it. Total cost: $150 (Australian Dollars). Not super cheap but it would be more in the grocery store and not as fresh. Not at all. The strawberries will last two weeks in my fridge. Can't wait for the next one.