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Macquarie Street and The Mistress

View from our living room. The River is behind those first row of houses.
We are staying in a loft apartment on Macquarie Street. I wanted to show you some pics of our place. It's fine for now, but we need to start looking for a house with a yard. I think Sophia is getting tired of riding her bike around the kitchen island.
"Don't bother me, Mom."
Closer view, same window.
My blogspot. Notice the pink and orange beenbag on the left. A great find at the Byron Market. Carl and I fought about it...I wanted it, he didn't. And now we fight over who gets to sit in it.
View to the kitchen and study alcove.
The queen's servant.
Concentration over the Wiggles.
Sophia riding her bike aournd the house.
The queen at work and the regular state of my living room (her art studio).
Me playing with my iPhone whule the queen gives me orders.
88 Macquarie St. is a converted woolstore that sits on the north? side of the river. Basically we're on the same side of the river and the northern suburbs.The way the river snakes you never know which side you're on. That's why we have a GPS to tell us which direction to go. (Yes, it talks in an Australian accent.) I call her the Mistress. I think it says a lot that the locals use GPS's. I mean if an Australian can't find their way around here, then how should anyone else? What did they do before satellites? Everyone is lost, not just me.
The Mistress.