notes from here and there


2 mile radius

It's funny how we replicate our lives no matter where we are. All I need is a good coffee shop, book store and yoga studio and life is good. Doesn't matter where I am. I found my coffee shop..."La Bouqiniste." I have no idea what that means or if it means anything but I love it. It's tiny, full of rustic furniture and shelves of books to look at or buy. They have Corman McCarthy's, "The Road" in french. The french version is called "La Route." Personally, I think that's a mistranslation because it's not a route, it's a road to nowhere. But I digress...Sophia loves digging through the basket of kiddie books that sell for $1. Hence, we are amassing a new collection of Australian literature. My new assistant took this picture of me sitting out front. All I need now are some friends to loiter with at La Bouqiniste. 5 yr olds are fun to hang out with, and they sometimes make great assistants, but they never sit still long enough to really loiter properly. Any takers?