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You too can join the circus!

I signed Sophia up for the circus. I'm serious. You can take circus classes here. She starts next Wednesday on her "real" birthday. She's going to love the trapeze and the tumbling. Maybe Cirque du Soleil is in her future. Plus, I'm happy it's not a bunch of anorexic gymnasts prancing around. No, just hulu hoopers and fire-breathing oddballs. Only in Australia, right? In the meantime, she's been practicing rock wall climbing. There is also a woman's circus group called Vulcana. You can take classes and train in their space. Who knows, I might join the circus too but don't expect to see any proof of that here. I won't be posting any pics of me on the trapeze or whatever. Not unless I'm desperate for more material so I'll make sure to keep life interesting.