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A day at Southbank

In an attempt to assuage some complaints about my delayed blogging, I am writing a short post and giving you lots of pics instead. We are busy interviewing schools and going crazy with all these decisions. I am sure my next post will be on what school Sophia is going to, but first, we have to make a decision. Is it St. Margaret's or Clayfield College? Ugh. How I miss Poe Co. In the meantime here's the latest weekend update. This weekend we stayed in Brisbane and took care of some business and looked around town. Yesterday we went to Southbank which is an area south of the CBD and is home to the performing and visual arts venues of Brisbane. There are also lots of markets at Southbank and plenty of coffee shops, small eateries and this GIANT ferris wheel. Of course we had to go on it.
Before heading to Southbank we did a little shoe shopping on Queen's St. We splurged on a pair of Birkenstoks for Sophia because flip flops just weren't working and she has started to get blisters from her other shoes. I love how she continues to be surprised when her shoes don't fit anymore.
Our day actually started with a bike (Sophia & Carl)/run (Me) to Powerhouse for breakfast and a quick ride along the river. Then we took the bus to town to shop a bit, then walked through town and went across a really long bridge over the river to Southbank. Then later, the Citycat back to Bulima where we caught a ferry back across the river to Teneriffe and then the bus home (because we couldn't walk anymore and the driver laughed at us because it was like two stops.) The only thing we left out was the train.