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Cutie Pie

I just had to include these two photos. The first one is of Sophia at La Bouqiniste eating a homemade strawberry marshmallow that came with that delectable hot chocolate sitting there in front of her. I did taste it and I must say, it was divine in that Fancy Nancy sort of way. Anything to make a 5 yr. old happy so mom can have 5 minutes at her local and a cuppa joe, which here is called a "long black" (not kidding). If you think Starbucks has complicated coffee orders, Australia tops them. Okay, I'll have to do some research because I can't remember them all right now. Will get back to you on that so when you visit you can at least order a cup of coffee the way you like it. This next photo is of a mamma Australian possom. My assistant took this photo while we were walking around New Farm checking out some schools and the neighborhood in general. Which brings me to the issue of finding a school...a daunting enterprise to say the least. Sophia misses the enrollment date by two weeks, which means if I can't finagle her into Class 1 (equal to U.S. Kindergarten) in January then she will be 18 months behind her U.S. classmates. Total bummer. I had really hoped to get her into a school right away so she could be in a routine and make friends seamlessly. It's turning into a whole other matter. Now we're researching lonnie private schools, which some of you may think is not such a bad thing...but think St. John's and all the posturing that is required to get your little angel through the door. Do my credentials cut the mustard? I don't know. I'm even having Carl make the calls to set up interviews, banking on his male charisma and the perception of a serious father who can bankroll this expedition. Pathetic, I know. And then, there is the whole problem of neighborhood. Love New Farm. Very arty and hip, awesome riverwalk and one of the best parks in Brisbane, but not lots of families. I think families are mostly in the burbs. Which spells death for me, right? So now what? Sophia and I may pack it in, move to Byron Bay (see below), attend a Waldorf school and make Carl commute on weekends while we're selling quilts at the market and perfecting our surf technique. You'll just have to check back and see what we decide. In the meantime, it's mental meltdown for mom as I struggle to find not just my community but also Sophia's. Oh yeah, this is supposed to be an adventure. Cheer up. Ha! So in the spririt of Byron Katie (I don't care if she is New Agey...her stuff works!) I turn it around and say, I look forward to setting up a community again and finding my way. Everything I need, I have. And so, I am having a birthday breakfast with new friends. For real.