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Children's Festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse

(Note: Please excuse my first post. I have spent most of my time setting up this silly blog's layout and just trying to make all the parts work. And now I just want to post something already!) Yesterday was drizzling so Sophia and I went to the Brisbane Powerhouse for the children's festival. Of course, the drizzle didn't stop her from riding her bike there (me running beside her) along the riverwalk. The Powerhouse is a contemporary art space here in New Farm, next to the Brisbane River. They are having a children's festival for two weeks during the winter school holidays. It was awesome. They basically created a children's museum within their walls. There was a great live performance by some TV show called "little frog." And there was a dress up center next to the coffee bar so mums could sip coffee while the little ones went wild in the wardrobe. Every children's museum should have a coffee bar like this... And then there was a painting wall. I thought it was really smart the way they organized that. They painted huge shapes on mural size paper and each kid got to paint in a shape. It was nice to be around some Aussie mums and their children. I almost felt at home in the chaos. Everyone just looks so "cool" here. It was enough to sip coffee and watch the parade. Someone asked me what my favorite thing was so far...I have to say it's the creativity that is woven into everyday life especially in the way people dress and style themselves. Sophia fits right in naturally! It's not a hard transition for me fact, I need to take it further. A little more crazy. The best was when someone asked me for directions. As soon as I opened my mouth, they realized their mistake. That was a laugh. It's a little chilly here and we didn't bring enough cozy pants for Sophia...only a black velour pair she stole from Mia. We had to search for these at the Byron Market. I love the pink fur at the bottom and I love that they were made by a local seamstress who was there selling them herself. We also bought a bright red fuzzy pair with electric blue fur on the bottom...they kind of remind me of Elmo but Sophia loves them. Now she has a shoulder bag for her money and bus pass. We're all set.