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Ma petite artiste å Cafe Bouqiniste

My biggest fans are Ouma, Oupa, Grammy and Poppy, so today I'm catering to my readers. Okay, so it's not just today...but today I'm admitting it. I'ma braggin'.
Sophia at Cafe Bouqiniste photographing magazines for her paintings.
Yesterday at Cafe Bouqiniste Sophia was flipping through some french magazines and asked if she could take the magazine home because she wanted to use some of the pictures for painting ideas. When I said no she came up with the idea of photographing the pages and using those images for her paintings. I have friends who do that!
The feeling of Bouqiniste.
I can't wait to see the paintings. Here's a sampling of her images.
It started with this.
And then this one among other fascinations with the Medieval period.
Next she went for something more abstract.
But of course she had to include some fashion.
And something to do with a bag. Never enough bags.